Day: February 3, 2005

As usual, I walked away from laundering the cats with at least one well placed scratch. Thankfully the other two are easy. Guess that’s what I get for trying to wash a feisty pussy.

In other news, I’ve accomplished most of the laundry and i cleaned/organized my pants drawer (underwear is next, and yes industrialreich, you may help me with that one). Is it pathetic that my drawer is now organized by BDU/Pants, and then by country of pattern origin? Oh well, least I can find everything, now to just get a better version of Marpat pants. The civie version was poorly constructed.

Scorpio for this week:

For the first time in thousands of years, grass is now growing year-round in Antarctica. Winter temperatures have risen nine degrees Fahrenheit in the last thirty years, allowing wild lawns to spread where there were once ice sheets. I see a comparable metamorphosis for you in the coming weeks, Scorpio. A once-barren or frozen landscape in your psyche will show signs of vibrant life. A part of your world that has been inhospitable will welcome you

FreeWill Astrology

Funny, and to think I thanked my Evil Fraternal Twin for facilitating the spark that brought me back to life. *giggles* And everything else that has been reminding me what it’s like to be living inside. Talk about timing.