Month: October 2004

As I haven’t really been around my comp much….

Scorpio for this week:

To be silent when it’s time to speak is a weakness, says a Persian proverb. I say it’s also a bad idea to speak when it’s time to be silent. In the coming week, one of these rules or the other will always be in effect for you, Scorpio. To know which one is in ascendancy at any given time, you’ll have to be very alert; conditions will be shifting constantly. Make it your goal to be so attuned to the fresh truth of each new moment that you will always express yourself when the time is ripe, and shut up when it isn’t. Halloween costume suggestions: a pythoness or fortune-teller; a talking mime or a silent clown who carries around chalk and a portable chalkboard to communicate; Triumph the Insult Comic Dog with a muzzle.

FreeWill Astrology

Ok, I’ve definitely done well. Tired as all get out, but well worth the trip. I finished a poem, that I’ve been working on for the last 3 years and couldn’t come up with a decent ending to, I’ll post the link later, or you can visit the writing section of my site and click on “The Beckoning”. I still need to go through and edit it, but so far, it’s how I want it to be. This weekend brought me some much needed relief and ego stroking, so I’m feeling pretty damned good right now. Got some cool clothes and shoes, as well as sore feet.

As I sit here writing this, I’m in the process of crashing. Thankfully, WB screwed up the coffee and it’s over-caffinated. I have tons of work to do, creative energy is flowing in all directions and I need to pin down what it wants to work on first. I’ve got a new poem in my head, damn me and my erotica, but it’s good. Got to sing a good bit, so my throat is nice and raspy again. Met cool new people, and I think they’re totally awesome. There’s just so much to write, half of it I can’t write here, but I just can’t center enough to even begin to explain the after-affects of this. I succeeded in my personal goal, but the time-out-of-time hasn’t worn off yet. But I do know that I can live in the moment, and only that moment in time. With that said, I need to work on making it a habit.

I’m getting really sick of the politics of late, the point I’m tempted to vote for Cthulu in every race. I’m also considering looking into how to change the ballot, to see if I can get up enough to put “none of the above” or “vote of no confidence” for a choice. I’m also pissy about those who like to claim I have no right to bitch. Well, freedom of speech amendment gives me that right. To those who say, “stop bitching, just do something!” Well, doing something would involve every massive white building going boom. And I don’t think I’d be well liked after that, and it’s a bit too drastic. Plus, we all know I wouldn’t be able to do anything in politics because the masses prefer pandering to actual positive change and I’m a bit too blunt to cower to pandering.

So, today I remove myself to the political interaction, outside of reading and watching the news. It’s pathetic, of course, the news ain’t too intelligent right now either (e.g. munitions storage suddenly disappearing, yesterday, but oh wait! It happened before we got there.)

In the meantime, I have yet to find anything more painful than a bikini wax. But at least I’m not having to worry about hair and elastic underwear.

This little kitty can be such a dork sometimes. Thankfully, I have a good close friend who likes to knock me upside the head when I do so. Reality checks are nice.

I’m also seriously tired. Told the store I’d show up today, but I’m not going to be able to, gotta love those last minute details. But it gives me time to nap and pack for my roadtrip. This week is going to be tiring!!!! But I’m gonna like it.

Scorpio for this week:

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas,” said composer John Cage. “I’m frightened of the old ones.” That thought should be your guiding principle in the coming weeks, Scorpio. No matter how useful your elegant theories have always been, they’re now becoming barriers to your progress. No matter how attached you are to the insights and opinions that have made you what you are today, you should be willing to outgrow them. “In a time of drastic change,” wrote Eric Hoffer, “it’s the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

FreeWill Astrology

When I was at University, I did a rhetoric project analysis of Pat Robertson’s site and Witchvox, specifically the pagan aspects. I really wish I was back in that class, this year in particular, so I could analyze the rhetoric of this election, focusing on the petty backhands that the candidates keep delivering to each other. It’s funny, how just a single word can make a soundbyte sound so much different and prove the point one candidate said or did this or that. I find this terribly amusing.

Today, I spent some quality time with WT#2. We went shopping and he finally got to see me in business clothes and a skirt. But I got some nifty pants, and *shudder* they’re the flair leg. Yeah, I gave in to a shitty fashion trend, especially when I was looking for a taper leg that I can wear with classic heels. Though, one of the clerks had on heels with the same style of pants, and it looked pretty decent. If that doesn’t work, my clunky heels with fair well with the pants and my heels can go with the new 3/4ths length skirt. Got a couple of new white button-up shirts, with extended cuffs that can be folded into french cuffs. Vicki betrayed me with a corset-style bodice which the smallest available size is a B cup, that’s too big for me. Then, onto Origins for my shaving cream (a month is too long to go without shaving the legs) and Bath and Bodyworks for my smelly stuff and hair supplies.

So, I’m stocked up for the rest of the year, I hope. Spent too much money today, but that’s ok. It is stuff I needed, and I really needed to go shopping for business-y stuff, so I can justify it.

In other news, the moonbird got the proofs from the shoot back today. Very rarely, in any shoot do I look at the proofs and not have a shot that makes me wonder who the hell that person is and why the hell did they choose that outfit/pose. Didn’t have it in this one. I was seriously hard-pressed to decide which one to use for my own holiday card. They are really, really good shots and muchos kudos to my photog who just rocks mucheth and everyone should check her out!

Ok, I knew I was cursed to begin with, but today added a whole new dimension. See, the usual guys that are willing to hit on me, without knowing me (and fast rejected by me), are more often than not hideous and single. There are the strange few, with a death wish, and I’ve dated some of them. Today, solidified the other half of the curse… Or they’re gorgeous, married or otherwise attached (with partner not “being into THAT”, and willing to hit on me. Seriously, if it weren’t for my Scotsman, I’d have slit my wrists last Val’s day when the Marine got detained, instead of going to the Napalm Death concert with me, and the ensuing night resulted in this Kitty wishing she could drink. Definitely would have felt better about that night had I been drunk. Those guys might have been vaguely attractive with blurred vision and lacking light (please notice the use of the word “might”). *sigh*