Today, I spent some quality time with WT#2. We went shopping and he finally got to see me in business clothes and a skirt. But I got some nifty pants, and *shudder* they’re the flair leg. Yeah, I gave in to a shitty fashion trend, especially when I was looking for a taper leg that I can wear with classic heels. Though, one of the clerks had on heels with the same style of pants, and it looked pretty decent. If that doesn’t work, my clunky heels with fair well with the pants and my heels can go with the new 3/4ths length skirt. Got a couple of new white button-up shirts, with extended cuffs that can be folded into french cuffs. Vicki betrayed me with a corset-style bodice which the smallest available size is a B cup, that’s too big for me. Then, onto Origins for my shaving cream (a month is too long to go without shaving the legs) and Bath and Bodyworks for my smelly stuff and hair supplies.

So, I’m stocked up for the rest of the year, I hope. Spent too much money today, but that’s ok. It is stuff I needed, and I really needed to go shopping for business-y stuff, so I can justify it.

In other news, the moonbird got the proofs from the shoot back today. Very rarely, in any shoot do I look at the proofs and not have a shot that makes me wonder who the hell that person is and why the hell did they choose that outfit/pose. Didn’t have it in this one. I was seriously hard-pressed to decide which one to use for my own holiday card. They are really, really good shots and muchos kudos to my photog who just rocks mucheth and everyone should check her out!

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