Ok, I’ve definitely done well. Tired as all get out, but well worth the trip. I finished a poem, that I’ve been working on for the last 3 years and couldn’t come up with a decent ending to, I’ll post the link later, or you can visit the writing section of my site and click on “The Beckoning”. I still need to go through and edit it, but so far, it’s how I want it to be. This weekend brought me some much needed relief and ego stroking, so I’m feeling pretty damned good right now. Got some cool clothes and shoes, as well as sore feet.

As I sit here writing this, I’m in the process of crashing. Thankfully, WB screwed up the coffee and it’s over-caffinated. I have tons of work to do, creative energy is flowing in all directions and I need to pin down what it wants to work on first. I’ve got a new poem in my head, damn me and my erotica, but it’s good. Got to sing a good bit, so my throat is nice and raspy again. Met cool new people, and I think they’re totally awesome. There’s just so much to write, half of it I can’t write here, but I just can’t center enough to even begin to explain the after-affects of this. I succeeded in my personal goal, but the time-out-of-time hasn’t worn off yet. But I do know that I can live in the moment, and only that moment in time. With that said, I need to work on making it a habit.

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