Day: October 9, 2004

On a positive note, I have a client in the morning, at one of our new hotels. Means money!!!! And I get my hands on another body. So I’m going to be able to afford a nice day of pampering for mani/pedicures, a facial, and who knows what else. Yippee!!!! Gonna look goooooooood.

Today was a bitch. I enjoyed being busy at work, finally (gotta love the patriotic holidays like halloween, where all the anti-war mini-van driving soccer moms dress their kid up as GI Joe). But wait! Get swamped with a line out the wazoo, to the point I can’t radio for help, have the “head cashier” standing next to me talking to her friend on the phone, and doing nothing. When I can radio, she’s off to lunch. So I went in search of SL, let him in on this instance, and bang, suddenly she’s apologizing to me, saying I should have called. Yeah, my voice is still out on vacation, and she expects me to yell over a radio, lots of customers, a fan, and her conversation to help. No, she can get in trouble because she shouldn’t be getting personal calls at work. The rest of us don’t, except SL, but he’s the manager.

In other piss off’s…
Some fucktard on an e-list decides to define war as silly. Then another one decides to read a definition as, 1. Exhibiting a lack of wisdom or good sense”, and invites readers: “See synonyms at *foolish*.” Yeah, my friends are getting blown up playing a dumb-ass game of war. Just being silly boys, they are.

Funny though, this morning, I wake to hear that Blair put the fear of every war god possible into the government of Sudan. He made a promise, don’t get things under control, or we’ll do it for you, and you won’t exist as a government anymore. Ghost of a Flea info on the topic. Seems we’re starting to get more done than the UN has in its entire existance.

Anyway, back to my bitching…I’m not an advocate for war, I never will be, I know what lurks in the darker side of humanity and it’s not pretty. I spend most of my waking day there, hence why I’m normally pissed off. But war happens, it’s a sad bi-product of an inability to communicate, whether through flat-out inability, or unwillingness. Violence happens at the least common denominator of communication. For some people, it’s the first though, for others, it’s the last thought. Negotiation only works when both sides are willing to make consessions. When those consessions don’t happen, and something has to be done, a hand is forced. That’s why those that ultimately make the decisions, learn the art of war and war strategy. Not because it’s a silly game we like to play, but because there is a major price, and fucking around and acting like children results in worse than what we are seeing in our own country. We are not the only ones being attacked. Yeah, we’re the main target, but we’re starting to see other targets, Egypt, women and children in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan, you name it, it’ll be a target soon. Why? Because someone is getting desparate and starting to strike out in any way possible. It’s ugly this, war, but it is not in any means silly, by any definition of the word.