Month: September 2004

Spot the amusement–

Political Quote of the day:

“How much time do you spend watching American Idol, Fear Factor, The Apprentice, Extreme Make-over, Who wants to marry my Dad’s Lover?”

Jeff Greenfield, CNN


What’s dying within you, Scorpio? Is it a passion that has expired? A dream that has gone to seed? A goal you neglected for so long that it can’t be resuscitated? If it’s time for that part of you to die, help it die. I mean create a ritual in which you formally complete your relationship with it, let go of it for good, and begin the grieving process. In honor of its passing, write a testimonial or draw a symbolic picture, then bury that remembrance in the earth near a tree you love. When you’re done with the funeral, eat the freshest, juiciest pear you can find.
FreeWill Astrology

Well, with that, I have an appt to get my hair cut, looks like another 7 inches is going to come out of it. I also have a promotion within the corporate ranks, going to be implementing those changes I wanted to make with the scheduling. I hope I don’t run off therapists, because they’re getting a crack-down, I was always sick and tired of the stereotype of massage therapists, and half the staff fits into it. Not anymore, if you can’t make it to your shift on-time, then it will no longer be your shift. End of story. This also means I’ll have to deal with Sunshine again *eg*, that, I am looking forward to.

I’ve also got my goal that I wrote about the other day. That should kill off a few issues within me, least I hope it will.

Other things I’ve gotten done….care package to MGYSG is off and running, letter to the SSG is off and running, hair appt set, phone call to the assumed # of the MP called – wasn’t his, and emails to interesting guys not near me sent. *sends energy out for return emails*

Debating watching the debates this evening. Granted, it will be shear amusement to watch two guys try to regurgitate what their speech-writers told them to say. I should watch them, just to know what was said, even though neither is getting my vote.

So, I know some of you are wondering how the hell I can be a shy person. Had a couple of people express shock at the fact I’m nervous at calling a person who told me to hunt him down, so I did. Reason, is that I’ve done enough public relations jobs that I know how to fake it. Couple that with being around people I actually know and I change my tune pretty quickly. The better I know a person, the more open I become towards them. All people have to do is recall the first time they met me, and in most of these instances, it was because I sucked up and decided to get out of my house by myself.

I recall the first time I met most of my friends, locally. I went out to meet scourge, after having chatted with him online a bit, and my partner at the time refused to join me (oh dear, I was meeting another….man!). It was at a club, with plenty of chat space, so I parked myself on a sofa in front of the door. There, I had a montieth come up and start chatting, then introducing me to justanotherg33k, poisongirl, and the previously introduced _gothfather_. And off I went. Couple years later, I ended up at a BorderPagans meeting. Thankfully, sunriseata140 was there, and made me comfortable enough to start talking to other people. The rest is history.

Now, I’m just going batty. But I’ve decided that I’m going to start stepping outside of myself and challanging myself. Dragon*Con was one of those moments, did several things I usually would never consider, ever. From here on out, I’m going to make a point of doing something that’s not “me” at least once a week. Should be interesting. And here my parents could never figure out why I didn’t want to go into science. I’d make a great one. 😛

In other news, finally made it back to the gym yesterday. Still not up to par for the full 2-hr workout, but managed about 1.5 hrs and skrimped on the cardio (damned congested lungs). Felt good, and my legs are killing me. Can’t let another month get in the way of lifting, my legs almost collapsed under me on the inverted press, and I was just lifting 95 lbs, nowhere near the full max out. I hate being sick, I feel like a wuss.

Ok, finally Rumsy says something I agree with. He wants to hold elections, regardless, and so does Allawi. If the Iraqi’s want to bitch about not being involved in the elections, then they can get off their ass and kick the insurgents in that area, that are hindering the democratic process, out. If they really don’t want us there and are serious about us leaving and want the elections then they can assist us by helping us quell the riots and insurgency.

In other news, I’m no longer squeaking. I’ve lost my voice. Gotta love the flu, ain’t it grand?

Got the care package all prepped, tomorrow I seal it up and ship it out. Hope they like it! I also need to write my letter to my newly adopted soldier. I now have help in getting things, for those of you who are interested, I’ll post websites for you to donate stuff to, or you can hand it to me and I’ll ship it out. I’m going to see if my boss is willing to help me out, or see if we can set-up an adoption of a local soldier/marine. Or maybe, if they’d help me out with MGYSG.

This is where my issue with the anti-war movement is, I’m not thrilled with the fact we’re over there, but we’re there. Support your fellow citizens who don’t really have a choice of what battle they’re fighting. They are under-prepped because of a congressional budgetary fuck-up that says “we love what you’re doing, but we’re not going to help out by providing you with support. Thanks for volunteering.” I have no issue with the publishing of the coffins coming home, that was a family choice. I take issue with the use of them for propaganda. Respect them, and respect what they are a symbol of, don’t spout off that this is why we shouldn’t be there. Coffins are not a reason we shouldn’t be there, come up with something solid that isn’t a cheap shot to the training and dedication that those men and women went through.

I’ll leave it that. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Scorpio for this week:

“If you stick your finger in the fire,” asked my teacher Ann Davies, “do you then complain that it is unfair when your finger gets burned? Do you call the fire bad?” I think her questions are essential for you to keep in mind between now and your birthday, Scorpio. If you consciously decide there are good, even honorable reasons for you to play with fire, go right ahead and do so. But if there’s a bit of hell to pay as a result, don’t you dare get pissed at the universe or diss God. And please don’t say the fire is evil.

FreeWill Astrology

It’s official, this little freak is sick. Of course, this is what I get for hanging out on a balcony till 5AM. Least I only had a half-day today. That made things a bit better.

Political piss-off of the day:

I’m sick and tired of this fear-mongering that the republicans are trying to pull in the post-Spain episode. This is absolute bull-shit to try and persuade voters to vote republican by playing into the fear of Americans, that something in Spain (oh wait, don’t we mean “another 9-11”) might happen here. The problem with this argument, is that the attacks have happened on Bush’s watch, and if they happen to turn the vote, it’s not going to change a damned vote. At this point, pretty much everyone has decided who they’re going to vote for, and us “apathetic voters” are going to go on our merry way, thinking both parties need to be shot (for the idiots who think I’m serious, this is called wishful thinking).

Kerry is worthless, as a candidate. We don’t give a shit if he got purple hearts, a bronze medal, etc. So did many other guys! I’m beyond giving a shit about Bush’s “military” record. I think he’s a fucking pussy, and his whole tough-guy schtick is a means of trying to prove he has balls (ya know, closet gays make a point of emphasizing their heterosexuality? same concept). The guy isn’t even a fucking Texan, he was born in Connecticut and spent most of his life on the East Coast. If he’d like to claim he’s Texan, he can go pork a steer like the real men do.

Now, on to the Democrats:

Shut the fuck up about the god-damned medals. You have no room to talk on any war issue. Democrats voted for the Patriot Act right up there with the damned Republicans. Oh yeah, authorization for war? Should have made the requirement of a post-Saddam government not optional. Oh yeah, once you stick your foot in the door, walk the rest of your bloody body through it. Don’t bitch about it being too cold and leave everyone else to die. Yeah, I understand that there were some provisions that you didn’t like, should have offerred a different version of the bill to fund our boys and girls. Don’t shove them out the door in the middle of winter with no clothes on!

Another thing, quit complaining about a ban on guns you don’t understand yourself. You put Kerry up on a pedestal, so he can hoist a rifle up that was banned under that fuck-up. You think the US would be better off with no guns? Check with Mexico and England, ask how they’re doing. Or better yet, let’s take a look at cities and counties, like, oh Kennesaw GA, and see how their crimes rates are doing. Something tells me their criminals are a bit more cautious about going after the goods when people are actually around.

*sigh* I think it’s time to start a revolution. How about we teach our kids to think? Please?