Day: October 26, 2004

I’m getting really sick of the politics of late, the point I’m tempted to vote for Cthulu in every race. I’m also considering looking into how to change the ballot, to see if I can get up enough to put “none of the above” or “vote of no confidence” for a choice. I’m also pissy about those who like to claim I have no right to bitch. Well, freedom of speech amendment gives me that right. To those who say, “stop bitching, just do something!” Well, doing something would involve every massive white building going boom. And I don’t think I’d be well liked after that, and it’s a bit too drastic. Plus, we all know I wouldn’t be able to do anything in politics because the masses prefer pandering to actual positive change and I’m a bit too blunt to cower to pandering.

So, today I remove myself to the political interaction, outside of reading and watching the news. It’s pathetic, of course, the news ain’t too intelligent right now either (e.g. munitions storage suddenly disappearing, yesterday, but oh wait! It happened before we got there.)

In the meantime, I have yet to find anything more painful than a bikini wax. But at least I’m not having to worry about hair and elastic underwear.

This little kitty can be such a dork sometimes. Thankfully, I have a good close friend who likes to knock me upside the head when I do so. Reality checks are nice.

I’m also seriously tired. Told the store I’d show up today, but I’m not going to be able to, gotta love those last minute details. But it gives me time to nap and pack for my roadtrip. This week is going to be tiring!!!! But I’m gonna like it.