Day: October 16, 2004

Ok, I knew I was cursed to begin with, but today added a whole new dimension. See, the usual guys that are willing to hit on me, without knowing me (and fast rejected by me), are more often than not hideous and single. There are the strange few, with a death wish, and I’ve dated some of them. Today, solidified the other half of the curse… Or they’re gorgeous, married or otherwise attached (with partner not “being into THAT”, and willing to hit on me. Seriously, if it weren’t for my Scotsman, I’d have slit my wrists last Val’s day when the Marine got detained, instead of going to the Napalm Death concert with me, and the ensuing night resulted in this Kitty wishing she could drink. Definitely would have felt better about that night had I been drunk. Those guys might have been vaguely attractive with blurred vision and lacking light (please notice the use of the word “might”). *sigh*