Day: October 7, 2004

So, nifty new friend of mine turned me onto a band. I like mucheth. Kinda edge-y/power/industrialish, enough for me to be able to jump around and act all “industrial”-like. Couple of songs that are definitely going on my gym playlist, and I want to see how it handles in the Element, which is the defining factor. All music must sound awesome in my car. If there is no hitting me in the core from my subwoofer, while sitting in the middle of the car, tis no good (yeah, I always love a good chest chakra thumping).

In other news, things are a bit weird. A connexion site I’ve been playing around on, has offerred some results. Interesting, kinda nervous about the potential of moving to face-to-face meetings, but so far nothing has been massively creepy. I still want to hear from at least one of the guys I emailed, but neither has been around. Oh well. One thing I have noticed, is that no one seems to grasp how firm I am on my age limits, or they don’t bother with them. I know the range that I’m comfortable in, as far as interests, what I desire in life, and maturity levels. Long ago, I learned the lesson on what happens when I try to stretch further than I’m capable of going. I test my boundaries, often, and when I’m ready to go a step beyond, I can. No problem there. I’m just too laid back sometimes, and I’m often very childish. I’ve got the maturity to realize where my limits are, and what boundaries can’t be crossed, and what my motivations for acting in a certain way, in a certain situation.

I guess I’m just over-analyzing. I do that a bit too, comes from writing too many Literary criticisms and being raised by scientists. Sometimes, I don’t let things just “be”. It’s a thing I’m working on, and have been working on, for quite a time. Making a bit of progress, and learning to let go. I need to start up my morning ritual again, it worked pretty well, just didn’t develop into a habit like I wanted.

And now I’m rambling.

Scorpio for this week:

This is a perfect time to brag about what you can’t do and don’t have. Why? Think of it as a way to neutralize any unsavory karma you may have accrued during outbreaks of excessive pride or hurtful arrogance in the past. As an example of how to proceed, I offer you the case of pop singer Enrique Iglesias. When asked by The Sun, a British newspaper, if he would consider being photographed nude for the cover of his future album, he said no. “I could actually have the smallest penis in the world,” he explained. With that as your inspiration, Scorpio, get out there and start boasting in reverse.

FreeWill Astrology

I’m sorry, but I have nothing to boast about in reverse. Well, except maybe the size of the room my ego fits in to. I’m gonna have to stretch for this one, seriously, because I’m pretty straight about what I have and have not. Of course, we all know the two facades I have, both, of which, are shown to the world.

And seriously, my ego isn’t that big, it’s just like a puffer fish. When it needs to, it inflates, then goes back to normal.