Month: July 2009

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In behalf of all the other signs, I’d like to express our gratitude for the jumpstarts you Scorpios give us. The jolts aren’t always bliss-inducing, true, but in retrospect we often say, “Thanks, I really needed that.” We also appreciate the debates you embroil us in. They force us to take stands on issues we’ve been wishy-washy about. Our gratitude also goes out to you for those times you help us lose our excessive self-importance. It’s hard to cling to our pretensions with you around, and it’s easier to get to the root of the truth. Keep up the good work. Continue to be your warm prickly self even in the face of protests from faint hearts. Know that at least some of your fans out here respect the way you push us and trick us and inspire us to go places we don’t even realize we’ll benefit from going.

FreeWill Astrology

Good, I can go back to being a bitch (though I admit that I’m learning when I need to, and when to be my cuddly cute self). That said, has anyone coined the phrase ‘migraine season’? If not, I’m doing so right now. I thought I was going to handle hell week really well, then started feeling like I was getting the stress flu. On the way home from work today, went to pick up fixings for my potluck contribution and wham! I want to puke now. So I’m downing my huge 16 oz cup of coffee, then going to bed. I have the a/c on, in case the heat is contributing to it. Monday I’m forcing the Doc to break my neck and that should help.

All that said, I hate college students. I’m sorry if you’re reading this and you are one, which, please take notes. If you are going to choose to live in an off-campus apartment complex, please realize, many of your neighbors are not college students. Most of us work for a living, full-time and have careers, or some job that requires us to hold a schedule. Don’t assume we all have Wednesday morning off and have a party Tuesday night that lasts till 3am. Also, when someone who lives near you, informs you of a slight peculiarity of your location (such as living on a hill and sound waves echoing, cigarette smoke rising – ya know, normal things that you should have learned in hs chem and physics), please remember that they are being polite. Take a note and be respectful, don’t run from said neighbor every time you see her, because you don’t want to face the wrath of your incompetence.

And we’re on for the normal Friday afternoon cafe date. All is good, love it. Tomorrow starts hell week for me. Slammed day tomorrow, complete with morning bank run, guess I should see if they’re open at 9AM, if not, fast run tomorrow at lunch. Sunday I might have a client, then it’s off to psychosu‘s for cleaning, bison and good music (let’s do dinner before we go, that way we can skimp and buy and appetizer and dessert). House is looking good, new couch fund is creeping up slowly, just over the half-way point now. ProgPower is creeping up on me, but slated to be a good weekend. Leave for France next Saturday, totally psyched for that, get to see unruherevan‘s parents again and see how his mum is progressing on her English. Going camping while there, provided there is no rain. Lots of happy thoughts and things to look forward to, otherwise. All will be revealed later.

After that, weekend with the parentals, the ProgPower, then another camping trip. Then I move the company and do the grand opening and full-fledged ad campaign. Then, camping again. Have I mentioned this year has been overly positive, despite the deep negatives? I guess I got a good shrug and left a lot of the negative behind. Yes things are still shitty, but I have a positive outlook about it, and refuse to lose that.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

There goes your exaggerated respect for warped chunks of complications. Here comes an opportunity to make a break for bubbly freedom. To take advantage, Scorpio, you’ll need to travel much lighter. So please peel off your armor. Wipe that forty-pound sneer of doubt off your face. Bury your broken-down theories by the side of the path, and donate all your unnecessary props to the birds and the bees. Strip down, in other words, to the bare minimum. Where you’re going all you’ll need are your good looks and a big fresh attitude.

FreeWill Astrology

Gods, if only I knew that before I left. Anyway, this is catch up as I missed it last week. (oops) But I do like the hiking-type references, very apropos for the trip over the weekend. That said, I kinda did. And it seems to be working for the best.

I am back. I have survived, I have a hangover migraine (or at least a migraine) and had the most wonderful time of my life. I have some good quotes from the weekend, they’re currently on my FB, but I’ll probably copy them over here as they do not have attributions to them.

Our river guide was awesome, just as crude and perverted as the rest of us and threw us a few “Oh shit! Paddle faster!!!!” moments due to us making him laugh too hard. But it’s all good. Made new friends, and gained a possible crew member. Had a blast with my brothers, without have to run out on a call, slept on a hot tub, slept on the floor and I didn’t get sunburned. Go me. Now to do that again…..

Countdown to France begins. 1 week, 6 days.

Go me, forgot the cups for the office on the way in, and my sleeping mat on the way out. Woohoo!!!! Means I have to run by the apt after my car is done, to snag the feather topper. Outside of that, camping, rafting and mountain biking. My kinda weekend.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

How well are you capitalizing on this year’s unique opportunities, Scorpio? Since we’re midway through 2009, let’s take an inventory. I hope that by now you have at least begun building the power spot or energy source that will serve as your foundation for the coming years. So much the better if it’s more than halfway finished and will be ready for full use by the end of summer or early fall. Remember my promises: Life has been and will continue to be conspiring to get you settled in your ideal home base, supercharge your relationships with your closest allies, and connect you with the resources that will fuel your long-term quest.

FreeWill Astrology

Doing pretty good at paying attention and taking advantage of what I see, when I see it. Yeah, can irritate a few people, but I’m not living for them. That said, the home is definitely being created, all I need now is a location. 🙂

Ok, just viewed Sarah Palin’s exit speech. Where’s the confusion? Sounded like a fairly decent exit speech. She stated her reasons (yeah they were rambling) and stated that she didn’t want to try to fight the legal battles with government money or in a manner that would detract from her job as Governor. Kinda wish more politicians would follow that idea instead of putting themselves on a pedestal.

Sitting at the cafe around the block from my office, finished the Ikea run and since that put me by Target, ran by there too for the dry goods. Outside of a slight pain coming from my kidney area (can’t tell if it’s just low back pain or actual kidney issues), I’m feeling pretty well.

I’ve started the “bed” collection in the form of an envelop on the fridge, since that is the most expensive thing I need to purchase, out of all the house stuffs. Contemplating getting rid of the current bed frame to lower the bed and keep the cats from being under it.

Yeah, exciting, isn’t it? Last night, went out and hung with psychosu & co. for trivia at NRT. Was great fun and joy, lots of fun, will put that on the calendar for the days I don’t have to wake up on Fridays (hey look, I stayed up past midnight on a school night!!!). In 2 weeks I will be barreling down some rapids and mountains. Then 2 weeks from my return I will be on a plane back to France. *bouncebouncebounce* Will give me a chance to actually explore more. Just need to get French Toast to translate me an email to the instructors at the 2 academies located in Paris, to see what their training schedules are like. Lots of fun stuff on the horizon, the words “can’t wait” and “excited” just don’t adequately describe it to my satisfaction but I guess they’ll work if you add “x10” to each.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of thinking lately, re-evaluations of my perceptions and thoughts. Some are changing, some are staying the same, and some are being dropped completely. I guess you could say that the next chapter of my life is in full swing and the introduction paragraphs have been written. Now, to expand the plot.

I looked into your eyes, deep into the depths of my soul and found myself amidst the darkness. Smiling as the winds of anger swirled around me, unscathed. Laughing at all that was and will never be again. Finding myself free within your love, drowning in a happiness all too easily forgotten. ~Tummanq