Ok, just viewed Sarah Palin’s exit speech. Where’s the confusion? Sounded like a fairly decent exit speech. She stated her reasons (yeah they were rambling) and stated that she didn’t want to try to fight the legal battles with government money or in a manner that would detract from her job as Governor. Kinda wish more politicians would follow that idea instead of putting themselves on a pedestal.


  1. I never had a problem with Palin. Her speeches aren’t riveting, but P/R is the useless art of polishing bullshit, very irrelevant to implementing sound fiscal policy.


    1. Agreed. I’d rather see someone resign to take care of stuff and start over later, than see them try to take on everything at the same time and cause more problems because they can’t focus.

      That, and it’s hard to get soundbytes with her because of how her speeches are given. And I do like that. Would rather hear rambling speeches than deal with polished bullshit that still stinks.


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