Day: July 19, 2009

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

There goes your exaggerated respect for warped chunks of complications. Here comes an opportunity to make a break for bubbly freedom. To take advantage, Scorpio, you’ll need to travel much lighter. So please peel off your armor. Wipe that forty-pound sneer of doubt off your face. Bury your broken-down theories by the side of the path, and donate all your unnecessary props to the birds and the bees. Strip down, in other words, to the bare minimum. Where you’re going all you’ll need are your good looks and a big fresh attitude.

FreeWill Astrology

Gods, if only I knew that before I left. Anyway, this is catch up as I missed it last week. (oops) But I do like the hiking-type references, very apropos for the trip over the weekend. That said, I kinda did. And it seems to be working for the best.

I am back. I have survived, I have a hangover migraine (or at least a migraine) and had the most wonderful time of my life. I have some good quotes from the weekend, they’re currently on my FB, but I’ll probably copy them over here as they do not have attributions to them.

Our river guide was awesome, just as crude and perverted as the rest of us and threw us a few “Oh shit! Paddle faster!!!!” moments due to us making him laugh too hard. But it’s all good. Made new friends, and gained a possible crew member. Had a blast with my brothers, without have to run out on a call, slept on a hot tub, slept on the floor and I didn’t get sunburned. Go me. Now to do that again…..

Countdown to France begins. 1 week, 6 days.