And we’re on for the normal Friday afternoon cafe date. All is good, love it. Tomorrow starts hell week for me. Slammed day tomorrow, complete with morning bank run, guess I should see if they’re open at 9AM, if not, fast run tomorrow at lunch. Sunday I might have a client, then it’s off to psychosu‘s for cleaning, bison and good music (let’s do dinner before we go, that way we can skimp and buy and appetizer and dessert). House is looking good, new couch fund is creeping up slowly, just over the half-way point now. ProgPower is creeping up on me, but slated to be a good weekend. Leave for France next Saturday, totally psyched for that, get to see unruherevan‘s parents again and see how his mum is progressing on her English. Going camping while there, provided there is no rain. Lots of happy thoughts and things to look forward to, otherwise. All will be revealed later.

After that, weekend with the parentals, the ProgPower, then another camping trip. Then I move the company and do the grand opening and full-fledged ad campaign. Then, camping again. Have I mentioned this year has been overly positive, despite the deep negatives? I guess I got a good shrug and left a lot of the negative behind. Yes things are still shitty, but I have a positive outlook about it, and refuse to lose that.

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