Day: July 3, 2009

Sitting at the cafe around the block from my office, finished the Ikea run and since that put me by Target, ran by there too for the dry goods. Outside of a slight pain coming from my kidney area (can’t tell if it’s just low back pain or actual kidney issues), I’m feeling pretty well.

I’ve started the “bed” collection in the form of an envelop on the fridge, since that is the most expensive thing I need to purchase, out of all the house stuffs. Contemplating getting rid of the current bed frame to lower the bed and keep the cats from being under it.

Yeah, exciting, isn’t it? Last night, went out and hung with psychosu & co. for trivia at NRT. Was great fun and joy, lots of fun, will put that on the calendar for the days I don’t have to wake up on Fridays (hey look, I stayed up past midnight on a school night!!!). In 2 weeks I will be barreling down some rapids and mountains. Then 2 weeks from my return I will be on a plane back to France. *bouncebouncebounce* Will give me a chance to actually explore more. Just need to get French Toast to translate me an email to the instructors at the 2 academies located in Paris, to see what their training schedules are like. Lots of fun stuff on the horizon, the words “can’t wait” and “excited” just don’t adequately describe it to my satisfaction but I guess they’ll work if you add “x10” to each.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of thinking lately, re-evaluations of my perceptions and thoughts. Some are changing, some are staying the same, and some are being dropped completely. I guess you could say that the next chapter of my life is in full swing and the introduction paragraphs have been written. Now, to expand the plot.