Scorpio (December 23-November 21)

Don’t just shamble down to the pizzeria and gobble a slab of greasy cheese, tomato sauce, and dough. Instead, arrange for an interesting person who likes you to home-deliver a pizza lovingly prepared by a gourmet chef. For that matter, Scorpio, don’t tolerate mediocrity or the lowest common denominator in any area of your life. The Season of the Peak Experience is here — a time when you have a sacred duty to give your best, commune with the highest, and ask for excellence.

So, who wants to be a gourmet chef and deliver a pizza to my house? 😀 Just kidding. But he’s right. Lughnasadh is Thursday and Lugh was a god full of mastery, fermented by his foster mother Tailtiu (I think she rocks, even if she is a Formorian, so I can forgive her that trespass). The backslide, is that training is going too well. I can close my hand to a loose fist, with all fingers touching my palm. Still hurts, still can’t grip and everyone keeps giving me a Gi choke on my bad hand side. Grrrrrrrrr. Yesterday’s advance positioning killed the elbow, and today is upper body with Shelby. :/ I will say, I will have a hot bikini body come winter.

That said, I’m sore from training, my body wants to give out – but somehow wants to wake up at 6.45. Got other stuff in my head, but that will come later.


  1. head…desk

    not you too?


    all my life people have spelled my name with that “r”. fomorin. not, “formorin”

    fomorian. not “formorian”


    oh and, “EVEN if she IS a Formorian”



    1. Re: head…desk

      Every time I look at the word I see an r before the m. Maybe that’s just the way my mind sees it, but I won’t be able to check till I get home.


      1. Re: head…desk

        part of the problem is that as far as i know there are no words in english that begin “fomo”. people put the r in just because they have that habit. i have had people who cannot copy my name letter for letter. they always assume there is an “r”


      2. Re: head…desk

        Could also be the natural pronunciation progression between the o and the m combined with the r. Either way….damned Irish.


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