Day: July 21, 2008

I now have a biker’s tan. Looks kinda like a farmer’s tan, only it ends where my gloves begin. 😀 30+km ride, and I limited my walking time. I’m getting better at switching between 2nd and 3rd gears, only took an hour to get to the gym today vs the 1.5 hours last week and 45 minutes to get to the restaurant for lunch. I’m still on the hot side, even after my shower. Was hoping for a dip in the pool, but seems someone fucked up the pool again and I didn’t feel like walking up to the other area of the community. Oh yeah, and lost my phone on the way…go me! I think it’s a sign to ditch it for something else.

Yesterday, when montieth was over, we spotted a cat that didn’t look too hot. His face was swollen, and obviously wasn’t fixed. He’s been fed and watered, checked on him today but was only able to tell that he had eaten the food and drank the water, but couldn’t check his face – as he was hiding and all I could see were his feet. 😦

Alright, off to visit my podcasts. 😀