I would like to ride my bike to the gym today, but my body is totally exhausted. Frustrated with various things in my life, and the kits aren’t helping stuff. Last night, Lexus decided to drink out of the fountain on my alter to Manannan. Elan has been climbing on everything. Alpine spent the majority of the night next to my head and scratching. Got up this morning to find cat puke all over my bar and kitchen counter. *sigh* I have a meeting with the recruiter this afternoon, and that is all.


    1. Funny, I got there and he was gone. I think I intrigued the guy I talked to (he called me sweetie), but he gave me a number to call for answers about my questions regarding what I want to do.


      1. Nope, wasn’t late. I’m guessing that he might have thought I would be there by 3, for some reason. We had a couple of email exchanges to change stuff, so wouldn’t be surprised if he mixed things up.


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