Day: July 30, 2008

Scorpio (December 23-November 21)

Don’t just shamble down to the pizzeria and gobble a slab of greasy cheese, tomato sauce, and dough. Instead, arrange for an interesting person who likes you to home-deliver a pizza lovingly prepared by a gourmet chef. For that matter, Scorpio, don’t tolerate mediocrity or the lowest common denominator in any area of your life. The Season of the Peak Experience is here — a time when you have a sacred duty to give your best, commune with the highest, and ask for excellence.

So, who wants to be a gourmet chef and deliver a pizza to my house? 😀 Just kidding. But he’s right. Lughnasadh is Thursday and Lugh was a god full of mastery, fermented by his foster mother Tailtiu (I think she rocks, even if she is a Formorian, so I can forgive her that trespass). The backslide, is that training is going too well. I can close my hand to a loose fist, with all fingers touching my palm. Still hurts, still can’t grip and everyone keeps giving me a Gi choke on my bad hand side. Grrrrrrrrr. Yesterday’s advance positioning killed the elbow, and today is upper body with Shelby. :/ I will say, I will have a hot bikini body come winter.

That said, I’m sore from training, my body wants to give out – but somehow wants to wake up at 6.45. Got other stuff in my head, but that will come later.