Day: July 2, 2008

For those of you who read my Scotsman’s journal, you know that yesterday, a law allowing those with a GFL/CCW can now carry in restaurants and on MARTA went into effect (his post with linkage and background info on the law. While I know there are some on this list who are deadset against guns, and more than likely it means friendships will be set aside as a result (though, for the few who I know don’t like them in their house, I retain that respect for your personal/sacred space), I’ll be getting my sidearm here shortly.

Why? Well, as much as I am a completely badass ass kicker, my training – as well as several of my training partners – has also allowed me the reality, that even with that, I can still get my ass handed to me by anyone determined to harm my life, or take something from me. The current social patterns have shown, that giving a criminal what they want, does not always mean they will stop there…especially if they have a weapon of any sort pulled on you.

I mention some of my training partners, because one is a big woman, and not just in weight – also in height and general size. She’s not, what could be called a sissy girl, but having seen her thrown around, I know that it wouldn’t matter my size. Strength, regardless, will ALWAYS be my weakness, and even moreso when I am injured. I’m sorry, but modern feminism aside, there is always going to be a physiological difference between men and women. And when it comes to a physical test of strength, particularly with a size disparity, a woman will lose. Sure, add our brain smarts in, and our dirty little tricks that we’re perfectly capable of throwing out there, and we’ve got a fighting chance. But I would much rather have an additional tool my toolbox, then have to hope to the high heavens that I won’t have something dislocated, broken, be knocked out or killed during the course of preventing a crime against me, or the attempt at taking my life.

In my opinion, when someone pulls a weapon on me, they are telling me that my life is worth less than what they want from me. At that point, they place their own worth as less than I place my own worth. And if that means I have to kill them to survive, so be it. Does this mean I advocate everyone carry? No. If you’re not willing to use the weapon you carry, you increase the chance that it will be used against you. But I can tell you right now, if I see anything happening to you, I will do my best to make sure that you are alive when all is said and done.

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