Month: June 2007

Things with traveling…

I had a dream come true…me, on a plane with a sea of army and marines, and a few air force guys thrown in. But they were all in the cabin division that wasn’t mine, how cruel is that?

With that said, don’t watch two sad movies consecutively, especially one that is Bridge to Teribithia (and yes, it was good, and yes, it kept to the book quite well). I still need to do the write up for that one. One of these days….

At any rate, I’m in Amsterdam now, waiting to find out what gate I’m flying out of. At which point, I find it and go to sleep. It’s 7AM here. Least the flight was uneventful.

EDIT: And I got the opportunity to be a fangirl. As I was sitting at the computer station, I see a guy walk by with an American Top Team bag, who looked oddly familiar. Then I see the Svenge sweatshirt and go, “Oh shit!” While jumping up from my space and tearing down the terminal. I catch up with him, tap him on the shoulder gently and say, “Hi, Mr [Jeff] Monson, I’m [Saille] and I train at GB Atlanta.” Now how cheesy is that? But I got a good conversation out of him. And true to form, I have neither pictures or autographs to confirm this. Go me!

Scorpio for this week:

Now that we’re almost halfway through 2007, it’s time to assess how well you’re capitalizing on this year’s unique opportunities. So let me ask you a few questions. Have you been working hard to increase your value? I don’t just mean economically, although it’s true that this is the best time in over a decade for you to make more money and launch long-term plans for financial growth. But I hope that you’re also adding to your worth in every way you can imagine, like by getting the training and new skills that will make you irresistible to future employers, lovers, and collaborators; and by purifying your motivations and clarifying your ethics and bolstering your integrity.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, definitely working on the purification part. I’ll have to evaluate this.

So, the goal today is to wash away the worries from the last couple of weeks, work more on my Danish and get to the bank sometime today. I’m also hoping to go by the Apothecary. My stress has seriously returned for a multitude of reasons. For one section of it, I’m half tempted to talk to the source of it and half tempted to just tell that source to fuck themselves and be done with it. The other half I’m slowly meditating away and working towards just accepting of whatever may come.

I also need to find another hotel in Denmark, it’s the last thing I need to do before packing for my trip.

I also know that I have been really cryptic of late due to various requests to keep secrets. That is the main source of my stress. I know that, and it’s not that so-and-so wants me to keep secrets about themselves, so much as it involves keeping a secret about myself. Over the weekend I’m going to burn it all and be done with it. I cannot keep secrets in that manner, it’s too much of a burden with all the game-playing that ends up involved, and all the heartache it causes me to hear two different things said at any given point in time.

With that said, tonight I grab the last of my things from the Casa do GB. I will not be staying there anymore, regardless how much I have to spend on gas and roadtime to train. It is not healthy for me.

Scorpio for this week:

America’s former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky addressed an assembly at my daughter’s high school. He read from his translation of Dante’s Inferno and took questions from students. After hearing Dante’s description of the nether regions, one boy asked Pinsky what his personal version of hell was. The poet said that each of us creates our own hell. The fearful and negative interpretations of reality with which we infect our imaginations constitute curses that we cast on ourselves. They terrify and enslave us so thoroughly that most of the difficult outer circumstances we encounter are mild in comparison. Your next assignment, Scorpio, is to work on dissolving the hell you carry around in your own mind.

FreeWill Astrology

I love Robert Pinsky, especially his translation. 🙂 That said, I guess I need to ditch men again and get back to enjoying myself. Men make my life hell, I’d be a lesbian, but women do the same. And I guess, the idea of being in a relationship and being happy in one is hell. Of course, he has a point. If you imagine the worst, then the reality can’t be THAT bad. Which is one reason why I loathe society. The unfortunate part, is that my expectations are regularly lived down to, it’d be nice if I could find more than a few people who could prove me wrong on a regular basis.

(yes, I’m a cynic and a misanthrope, in the event you haven’t figured that out yet. oh yeah, I have a bit of nihilistic tendencies as well.)

Scorpio for this week:

I suggest we title this chapter of your life story “The Perplexing Joy of Hundreds of Emotions,” or maybe “The Wild Peace of Way Too Many Feelings.” That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s an apt reflection of your immediate future: extreme, expansive, melodramatic, spectacularly educational, and filthy rich with intrigue. You may not break the world’s record for most mood shifts in a good cause, but you could very well smash your own personal record

FreeWill Astrology

Well, at least that would explain yesterday. Doing all nice and dandy after the drama shit storm that blew through on Monday night (it was resolved by 10AM yesterday), only to show up at training and watch my session circle the drain till I left the mat to shed a few tears in the locker room. I feel like Texas weather right now, not to mention a bad plot out of a story originally in 1001 Arabian Nights, that was left out of the final edit. For some reason, right now, I can’t look at my Professore, not even when he’s smiling at me.

Round we go! So I’ve been trying to lay low, let things come and go, get some quality time with myself in and clean up the house a bit. It’s kinda worked out. My Scotsman is off playing WWII, and I sit here thinking it might have been nice to go with him….after the thought. Oh well. I’ve started doing minor workouts in the morning, mostly abs and legs. I’m still holding off on doing too much with the arms, as my radius has a bad habit of dislocating, still. Thursday was quality time with the family, and a phone call from my Professore “politely” wondering where I was. But given the drama surrounding all that, “Oh waaa”. I took a day off training, for once. I was also informed earlier this week, that one of my beloved teammates has taken upon himself to inform, at least, one person of an imagined situation that never manifested…however hard he tried (and he did try, like the little choo-choo). He has now officially placed himself on my shitlist, as I don’t tolerate that stuff terribly well. Not like it will make a difference, but if it continues, I will not play nicely.

The positive side, is that I have placed walls back where they need to be, not necessarily for protection, but more for focus on what I want to achieve. The new training academy is coming along nicely. I was informed that the keys were recieved the other day and the build-out will begin today. Which means I’ll be back to training an ungodly amount again. I have started to get back on my training diet, and I’m definitely feeling better on it. Just gotta cut back on the coffee, as it’s my stress drug of choice. My new head instructor is wonderful, and I think he will be much more accomodating to my training style, instead of playing head games. I told him to be more assertive and “not nice” to me, and the last training session was exactly that. So wonderful. I have less than 26 days before I ship off to Finland, to start the American InvasionTM. My most beautiful DRSB is looking forward to seeing me and showing me around his town. I just need a to finish up a few things (like ordering t-shirt presents and booking the hotels in Denmark), which I plan to accomplish tonight. Monday is hair day, it’s time to get my Freak out again. My hair is a beautiful orangish/blonde colour (says the colourblind girl), but it needs to go back to red. I can finally feel my spirit settling again, which is nice, as I get more accomplished in that state – like cleaning house.

Also, I would like to welcome the latest Grove addition this last week….Duncan. He was born premature, has a few issues, but looks like he’s going to make it through them. I can’t wait to meet him.