Day: June 14, 2007

So, the goal today is to wash away the worries from the last couple of weeks, work more on my Danish and get to the bank sometime today. I’m also hoping to go by the Apothecary. My stress has seriously returned for a multitude of reasons. For one section of it, I’m half tempted to talk to the source of it and half tempted to just tell that source to fuck themselves and be done with it. The other half I’m slowly meditating away and working towards just accepting of whatever may come.

I also need to find another hotel in Denmark, it’s the last thing I need to do before packing for my trip.

I also know that I have been really cryptic of late due to various requests to keep secrets. That is the main source of my stress. I know that, and it’s not that so-and-so wants me to keep secrets about themselves, so much as it involves keeping a secret about myself. Over the weekend I’m going to burn it all and be done with it. I cannot keep secrets in that manner, it’s too much of a burden with all the game-playing that ends up involved, and all the heartache it causes me to hear two different things said at any given point in time.

With that said, tonight I grab the last of my things from the Casa do GB. I will not be staying there anymore, regardless how much I have to spend on gas and roadtime to train. It is not healthy for me.