Things with traveling…

I had a dream come true…me, on a plane with a sea of army and marines, and a few air force guys thrown in. But they were all in the cabin division that wasn’t mine, how cruel is that?

With that said, don’t watch two sad movies consecutively, especially one that is Bridge to Teribithia (and yes, it was good, and yes, it kept to the book quite well). I still need to do the write up for that one. One of these days….

At any rate, I’m in Amsterdam now, waiting to find out what gate I’m flying out of. At which point, I find it and go to sleep. It’s 7AM here. Least the flight was uneventful.

EDIT: And I got the opportunity to be a fangirl. As I was sitting at the computer station, I see a guy walk by with an American Top Team bag, who looked oddly familiar. Then I see the Svenge sweatshirt and go, “Oh shit!” While jumping up from my space and tearing down the terminal. I catch up with him, tap him on the shoulder gently and say, “Hi, Mr [Jeff] Monson, I’m [Saille] and I train at GB Atlanta.” Now how cheesy is that? But I got a good conversation out of him. And true to form, I have neither pictures or autographs to confirm this. Go me!

One comment

  1. Since I’ve known you , you haven’t taken pics like you should!! lol

    You do something amazing and I’m like, ” did you get a pic?!?!”…and you are always “NO”….and I’m ” Damn it Lara!!”…LOL….I swear I’m going to start texting you every moring to tell you to get your camera!!! lol

    Love you…hope you are having a wonderful time…be safe!!


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