Day: June 2, 2007

Round we go! So I’ve been trying to lay low, let things come and go, get some quality time with myself in and clean up the house a bit. It’s kinda worked out. My Scotsman is off playing WWII, and I sit here thinking it might have been nice to go with him….after the thought. Oh well. I’ve started doing minor workouts in the morning, mostly abs and legs. I’m still holding off on doing too much with the arms, as my radius has a bad habit of dislocating, still. Thursday was quality time with the family, and a phone call from my Professore “politely” wondering where I was. But given the drama surrounding all that, “Oh waaa”. I took a day off training, for once. I was also informed earlier this week, that one of my beloved teammates has taken upon himself to inform, at least, one person of an imagined situation that never manifested…however hard he tried (and he did try, like the little choo-choo). He has now officially placed himself on my shitlist, as I don’t tolerate that stuff terribly well. Not like it will make a difference, but if it continues, I will not play nicely.

The positive side, is that I have placed walls back where they need to be, not necessarily for protection, but more for focus on what I want to achieve. The new training academy is coming along nicely. I was informed that the keys were recieved the other day and the build-out will begin today. Which means I’ll be back to training an ungodly amount again. I have started to get back on my training diet, and I’m definitely feeling better on it. Just gotta cut back on the coffee, as it’s my stress drug of choice. My new head instructor is wonderful, and I think he will be much more accomodating to my training style, instead of playing head games. I told him to be more assertive and “not nice” to me, and the last training session was exactly that. So wonderful. I have less than 26 days before I ship off to Finland, to start the American InvasionTM. My most beautiful DRSB is looking forward to seeing me and showing me around his town. I just need a to finish up a few things (like ordering t-shirt presents and booking the hotels in Denmark), which I plan to accomplish tonight. Monday is hair day, it’s time to get my Freak out again. My hair is a beautiful orangish/blonde colour (says the colourblind girl), but it needs to go back to red. I can finally feel my spirit settling again, which is nice, as I get more accomplished in that state – like cleaning house.

Also, I would like to welcome the latest Grove addition this last week….Duncan. He was born premature, has a few issues, but looks like he’s going to make it through them. I can’t wait to meet him.