Day: June 13, 2007

Scorpio for this week:

America’s former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky addressed an assembly at my daughter’s high school. He read from his translation of Dante’s Inferno and took questions from students. After hearing Dante’s description of the nether regions, one boy asked Pinsky what his personal version of hell was. The poet said that each of us creates our own hell. The fearful and negative interpretations of reality with which we infect our imaginations constitute curses that we cast on ourselves. They terrify and enslave us so thoroughly that most of the difficult outer circumstances we encounter are mild in comparison. Your next assignment, Scorpio, is to work on dissolving the hell you carry around in your own mind.

FreeWill Astrology

I love Robert Pinsky, especially his translation. 🙂 That said, I guess I need to ditch men again and get back to enjoying myself. Men make my life hell, I’d be a lesbian, but women do the same. And I guess, the idea of being in a relationship and being happy in one is hell. Of course, he has a point. If you imagine the worst, then the reality can’t be THAT bad. Which is one reason why I loathe society. The unfortunate part, is that my expectations are regularly lived down to, it’d be nice if I could find more than a few people who could prove me wrong on a regular basis.

(yes, I’m a cynic and a misanthrope, in the event you haven’t figured that out yet. oh yeah, I have a bit of nihilistic tendencies as well.)