Scorpio for this week:

I swear the strange woman standing near me at L.A.’s Getty Museum was having an erotic experience as she gazed upon van Gogh’s Irises. She wasn’t touching herself, nor was anyone else. But she was apparently experiencing waves of convulsive delight, as suggested by her rapid breathing, shivering muscles, fluttering eyelids, and sweaty forehead. Fifteen minutes later, I saw her again in front of Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s The Fountain of Love. She was only slightly more composed. In a friendly voice, I said, “This stuff really moves you, doesn’t it?” “Oh, yeah,” she replied, “I’ve not only learned how to make love with actual flowers and clouds and fountains, I can even make love with paintings of them.” Your assignment in the coming weeks, Scorpio, is to take a page from this woman’s Kama Sutra: Figure out how to achieve rapturous communion with absolutely everything.

FreeWill Astrology

Heh, this one is gonna be fun. Otherwise, I need to write out my stuff from the last week or so. I’ve made some progress and read an interesting article before BJJ yesterday, that had some interesting insight.

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