So, I’m unnaturally happy for absolutely no reason. The basis, is the fact that right now, I’m doing everything for myself, with no true responsibility to anyone but myself. That’s taken a huge stress off my back, and has allowed me to laugh at almost everything else that has been trying to drag me down. I’m comfy with where I’m at, in regards to all my romantic and platonic relationships, which has helped me out quite a bit. I’ve reached the point where I’ve decided that I have about 75 years left on this planet, barring accidental death, so I might as well enjoy them instead of suffering them. My boss no longer bugs me, we’ve reached an unspoken agreement in regards to how things work. He stays out of my way and lets me do my job, and I don’t bitch about him and will communicate with him any problems that arise.

I miss my Zoomie, but he is prepping for outprocessing and all that military jazz. My Scotsman and I are at a place that makes me happy, we don’t argue as much and we work better together on the daily stuff. I miss my Bitch, and have decided that he can keep that title if he so desires. I broke my end of the agreement with him, and had to be slapped back into reality. It hurt, but I’ve taken a good look at things, and decided that he is my friend and I want to keep him close, so allowing certain things to get in the way of that would be detrimental to our friendship.

The good thing in all of this, is that I’m not allowing things to get to me as much. Taking things one day at a time, and enjoying each little moment that I get, so that I can grow.

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