Day: March 29, 2006

Scorpio this week:

Due to a special dispensation from the cosmic powers-that-be, you have been authorized to basically just sit around and do nothing this week. Are you ready to enjoy the pleasures of laziness and dissipation, Scorpio? Do you feel overdue for an extended phase of vegging out? You can do so without incurring even a pinch of karmic debt. APRIL FOOL! The truth is that you now have so much physical energy and emotional stamina that you can be three times as intense as you’ve ever been before. That’s a good thing, since the universe will be working you three times as hard as usual.

FreeWill Astrology

Heh, and as the last post said, next couple of weeks I’ll be traveling. Gonna be fun!

Yeah, I don’t post much anymore. But that’s mainly due to lack of time and repetition of subjects. I’ve pretty much let politics lie by the wayside, as the stupidity of the whole subject makes it something to just come into conscious thought and then pass into oblivion. Especially over the whole immigration issue (anyone notice they don’t fly American flags, they fly Mexican flags?) At any rate, I’m gonna get silly here… this country is obviously so much better, I think our immigration policy should be to invade and conquer Mexico and annex it as the 51st state. That should solve the problem. We won’t have to bump up our police force to deal with deportations, our borders wouldn’t be a problem (though the new southern border would need a clamp on it, drug-wise). And all those people would become American citizens without having to complain about the deaths in the desert because they can’t think to bring water with them. Otherwise, I’m supporting the bill that involves illegals returning to Mexico before they can come here legally. I have no respect for anyone who complains about getting here legally, who circumvents the laws of this country and makes a joke out of the people who do choose to be here legally.

But….we already knew this because I’ve ranted about it before.

In other news, next week, I head out to Vegas to watch my Bitch fight. I’m totally excited, but yet again, he gets the shaft on TV time. The week after, I head out to Cali with ET, for 59 and get to watch Spoonman fight live. Then, hop the train up to SLO to hang with my Bitch, relax and write, and hopefully train a bit. I’ve been doing quite well, of late. Been happy with my training, and improving quite a bit. My teammates are saying I should compete next month, but I don’t think I’m ready yet, so I’m gearing up for the competition after that. Things are going well at home, other than me being tired and schedules being so swamped. I’ve been talking to a spa down the street, to see if I can pick up some hours there to cover the slow days. They pay more too.