Day: March 6, 2006

An update!

No, I do not care who won what last night, didn’t see anything, but Narnia, so I can’t really care about it.

I’m a bit pissed at some loverly little Moslems for this little dumbass action towards someone who wanted to do nothing but help them get on their feet.

I have a new training partner, as of today. I love C, and I’m still hoping to work with him as often as possible, but I adore the fact that my new partner is female. And she’s very, very good. On that note, C and I are now twins, we have matching injured elbows. Least he can lay low on working his into oblivion.

Yesterday I got to shoot the Jungle Carbine. *neeners to my Scotsman* AND I’M NOT SORE!!!! Hahahahaha! But I am sore from working out today.

I’m feeling so much better of late, and I’m starting to be less lazy. Maybe it’s a combo of the season change, settling into my schedule, and feeling more in control of things. Although, who cares, I just want to ride the wave and see where it takes me. I’m also looking into myself more, analyzing (anyone notice that word has anal in it?) the different parts of me that control my motivations and desires. It’s an intereting place, I must say, and I’m having fun playing on that playground. More to come as I manage to get it in writing, which probably won’t happen till I hit Cali in April.