Ok, normally I’m happy to let the delusional Christians (not to be confused with the non-delusional Christians…and yes Virginia, the latter does exist) sit around in their own little fantasy world, but this out of the Phelps camp deserves punishment of divine proportions. The thing that got me the most, was hearing the letter that his daughter wrote last year to the widow of one of the soldiers, on a broadcast. Unfortunately, I can’t find the video footage to post here, but I really hope that Congress, both state and federal, go through with the Bill that’s making its way to the respective floors. It’s one thing to protest the war, but it’s something totally different to hound a grieving family during personal time.

Hats off to the bikers and counter-protesters that act as shields.


  1. I’m of a very mixed mind about this. The actions these people are taking are reprehensible. But I’m VERY reluctant to have legislation dictate polite behavior… It seems a bad direction to wander.


    1. They’re not legislating it, just making it harder to get closer to the location of the funerals. The letters, if continued after telling them to go away can already be used in a harassment case. More than likely. I’d love to see someone sue the pants off these people, preferably a military family.


  2. What makes me sick is that I live in the same state that allows Phelps and his clan to protest. I’ve seen children on campus with signs that say “God Hates Faggots”. I’m in full support of the bikers.


  3. Fred Phelps is a lot of things. Beat his wife, assaulted his children, bilked his clients out of money, and organized a cult that he styled “Westboro Baptist Church”. Fred Phelps is a lot of things, but he is not a Christian.


  4. Phelps and his “Westboro Baptist Church” cretins have been doing this sort of thing for years at every funeral of every homosexual they could track down. Interesting how so many people just let it go without any real outrage or action.

    Now, however, things are apparently different. Now he’s going after people who “matter.”

    :::shakes head:::

    Frankly, I support anyone who will stand up to the bastard. I just think it’s a sad commentary on our society that no one cared enough to try to legislate on the matter back when the only people he was bugging were the families and friends of GLBT folks.


    1. I only knew about the Shepherd kid, and I thought he should be shot back then too. Now he’s just going after every military person, not just the gay ones. Honestly, I’d enjoy it if someone ran over him during protest, just so we could say it was God telling him he was wrong.


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