Month: March 2006

Scorpio this week:

Due to a special dispensation from the cosmic powers-that-be, you have been authorized to basically just sit around and do nothing this week. Are you ready to enjoy the pleasures of laziness and dissipation, Scorpio? Do you feel overdue for an extended phase of vegging out? You can do so without incurring even a pinch of karmic debt. APRIL FOOL! The truth is that you now have so much physical energy and emotional stamina that you can be three times as intense as you’ve ever been before. That’s a good thing, since the universe will be working you three times as hard as usual.

FreeWill Astrology

Heh, and as the last post said, next couple of weeks I’ll be traveling. Gonna be fun!

Yeah, I don’t post much anymore. But that’s mainly due to lack of time and repetition of subjects. I’ve pretty much let politics lie by the wayside, as the stupidity of the whole subject makes it something to just come into conscious thought and then pass into oblivion. Especially over the whole immigration issue (anyone notice they don’t fly American flags, they fly Mexican flags?) At any rate, I’m gonna get silly here… this country is obviously so much better, I think our immigration policy should be to invade and conquer Mexico and annex it as the 51st state. That should solve the problem. We won’t have to bump up our police force to deal with deportations, our borders wouldn’t be a problem (though the new southern border would need a clamp on it, drug-wise). And all those people would become American citizens without having to complain about the deaths in the desert because they can’t think to bring water with them. Otherwise, I’m supporting the bill that involves illegals returning to Mexico before they can come here legally. I have no respect for anyone who complains about getting here legally, who circumvents the laws of this country and makes a joke out of the people who do choose to be here legally.

But….we already knew this because I’ve ranted about it before.

In other news, next week, I head out to Vegas to watch my Bitch fight. I’m totally excited, but yet again, he gets the shaft on TV time. The week after, I head out to Cali with ET, for 59 and get to watch Spoonman fight live. Then, hop the train up to SLO to hang with my Bitch, relax and write, and hopefully train a bit. I’ve been doing quite well, of late. Been happy with my training, and improving quite a bit. My teammates are saying I should compete next month, but I don’t think I’m ready yet, so I’m gearing up for the competition after that. Things are going well at home, other than me being tired and schedules being so swamped. I’ve been talking to a spa down the street, to see if I can pick up some hours there to cover the slow days. They pay more too.

Scorpio for this week:

I wear my hair long, like Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Jesus Christ, and the majority of the men who have lived in the Western world during the last two millennia. So even though I’m at odds with the cultural trends of the last 100 years, I’m right in alignment with more enduring ideas about masculine fashion. Try something similar, Scorpio: Meditate on how it might benefit you to get out of sync with prevailing attitudes about what’s right and good and true and cool, and instead be in style with more timeless and abiding modes.

FreeWill Astrology

Ummmmm, so I’m supposed to be more masculine? Heh, seriously, again he’s on track with me. I’ve paid little heed to cultural attitudes and more attention to the grander picture. Yeah, it makes me so farsighted that I oftentimes fail to see the tree for the forest, but that’s ok. I’d rather maintain my eye on the greater picture, while operating within the present. Sometimes, what feels right, right now, will be more of a set-back to where I want to go.

Scorpio for this week:

A few years ago, executives at a major record company signed my band to their label. They loved us. We were the next big thing. Or at least that’s what they told us up until the moment when they demanded that we change the titles and lyrics to some of our songs. They were afraid that the cigarette company Philip Morris would sue us for our song “Marlboro Man Jr.” and that Kmart would sue us for our song “Kmart Tribal Ballet.” We agreed to make the changes only because we had no choice: If we refused, our music would have never been heard. The company owned the rights to it. Let this serve as an example of what not to do in the coming weeks, Scorpio. Do all the research and strategic long-range thinking necessary to avoid getting into a position where people you don’t know very well control your fate.

FreeWill Astrology

I knew I was right on the pager shit. Now, to just keep my schedule on the up, so I don’t flop face first this pay period.

Scorpio for this week:

At its best, a study of astrology illuminates your choices and leaves the choosing up to you. It helps you understand that your fate is never set in stone, but is always susceptible to the command of your free will. In that spirit, I’ve got a quiz for you to take. Here are four pairs of equally possible outcomes. Meditate on each pair, and decide which you’d prefer to induce in the coming week: (1) simmering happiness versus crazed longing; (2) love packed with chewy riddles versus infatuation that only temporarily frees you; (3) practical enthusiasm versus dizzying highs; (4) slow, epic bursts of subtle progress versus out-of-this-world fantasies.

FreeWill Astrology

Woot! Better questions than the ones I was asking myself. And right up the alley of what I was asking.

An update!

No, I do not care who won what last night, didn’t see anything, but Narnia, so I can’t really care about it.

I’m a bit pissed at some loverly little Moslems for this little dumbass action towards someone who wanted to do nothing but help them get on their feet.

I have a new training partner, as of today. I love C, and I’m still hoping to work with him as often as possible, but I adore the fact that my new partner is female. And she’s very, very good. On that note, C and I are now twins, we have matching injured elbows. Least he can lay low on working his into oblivion.

Yesterday I got to shoot the Jungle Carbine. *neeners to my Scotsman* AND I’M NOT SORE!!!! Hahahahaha! But I am sore from working out today.

I’m feeling so much better of late, and I’m starting to be less lazy. Maybe it’s a combo of the season change, settling into my schedule, and feeling more in control of things. Although, who cares, I just want to ride the wave and see where it takes me. I’m also looking into myself more, analyzing (anyone notice that word has anal in it?) the different parts of me that control my motivations and desires. It’s an intereting place, I must say, and I’m having fun playing on that playground. More to come as I manage to get it in writing, which probably won’t happen till I hit Cali in April.

So, I’m unnaturally happy for absolutely no reason. The basis, is the fact that right now, I’m doing everything for myself, with no true responsibility to anyone but myself. That’s taken a huge stress off my back, and has allowed me to laugh at almost everything else that has been trying to drag me down. I’m comfy with where I’m at, in regards to all my romantic and platonic relationships, which has helped me out quite a bit. I’ve reached the point where I’ve decided that I have about 75 years left on this planet, barring accidental death, so I might as well enjoy them instead of suffering them. My boss no longer bugs me, we’ve reached an unspoken agreement in regards to how things work. He stays out of my way and lets me do my job, and I don’t bitch about him and will communicate with him any problems that arise.

I miss my Zoomie, but he is prepping for outprocessing and all that military jazz. My Scotsman and I are at a place that makes me happy, we don’t argue as much and we work better together on the daily stuff. I miss my Bitch, and have decided that he can keep that title if he so desires. I broke my end of the agreement with him, and had to be slapped back into reality. It hurt, but I’ve taken a good look at things, and decided that he is my friend and I want to keep him close, so allowing certain things to get in the way of that would be detrimental to our friendship.

The good thing in all of this, is that I’m not allowing things to get to me as much. Taking things one day at a time, and enjoying each little moment that I get, so that I can grow.

Scorpio for this week:

I swear the strange woman standing near me at L.A.’s Getty Museum was having an erotic experience as she gazed upon van Gogh’s Irises. She wasn’t touching herself, nor was anyone else. But she was apparently experiencing waves of convulsive delight, as suggested by her rapid breathing, shivering muscles, fluttering eyelids, and sweaty forehead. Fifteen minutes later, I saw her again in front of Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s The Fountain of Love. She was only slightly more composed. In a friendly voice, I said, “This stuff really moves you, doesn’t it?” “Oh, yeah,” she replied, “I’ve not only learned how to make love with actual flowers and clouds and fountains, I can even make love with paintings of them.” Your assignment in the coming weeks, Scorpio, is to take a page from this woman’s Kama Sutra: Figure out how to achieve rapturous communion with absolutely everything.

FreeWill Astrology

Heh, this one is gonna be fun. Otherwise, I need to write out my stuff from the last week or so. I’ve made some progress and read an interesting article before BJJ yesterday, that had some interesting insight.