Scorpio for this week:

I wear my hair long, like Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Jesus Christ, and the majority of the men who have lived in the Western world during the last two millennia. So even though I’m at odds with the cultural trends of the last 100 years, I’m right in alignment with more enduring ideas about masculine fashion. Try something similar, Scorpio: Meditate on how it might benefit you to get out of sync with prevailing attitudes about what’s right and good and true and cool, and instead be in style with more timeless and abiding modes.

FreeWill Astrology

Ummmmm, so I’m supposed to be more masculine? Heh, seriously, again he’s on track with me. I’ve paid little heed to cultural attitudes and more attention to the grander picture. Yeah, it makes me so farsighted that I oftentimes fail to see the tree for the forest, but that’s ok. I’d rather maintain my eye on the greater picture, while operating within the present. Sometimes, what feels right, right now, will be more of a set-back to where I want to go.

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