Day: October 24, 2005

So, why am I jumpy….

Things I have on slate:
Monday- Gym, take care of car tags, find buckles for my Mary Janes, get wardrobe pics for poisongirl, give myself a facial, host show chat

Tuesday- Meeting, Promo night/Maxim model call (if the guy gets back to me)

Wednesday- (Interviews?), Gym, or do anything I haven’t gotten around to yet, get new pads put on the heels of my bitch heels, see Neil Diamond live with WT

Thursday- house clearing ritual, Photoshoot with GothicBettie

Friday- me clearing ritual, Gym

Saturday- House chores

Sunday- House chores

Monday- Gym, Ritual

Tuesday- freak out, Promo night

Wednesday- freak out again, Gym, and get on plane to Vegas