So this is my amusement this week (besides all the anorexic chicks last night):

There’s this thread on a fighter forum I visit, about women fighters. As usual, there are the guys who don’t want to see chicks fight, which is fine, don’t watch, we won’t mind. But one local guy offered a call out to any chick in GA who’d be up for fighting him. Because I love the sport, and I’ve been wanting more sparring time, I took him up on it. Why the hell not, I’ll have fun regardless the outcome. So anyway, between last night and this morning, he chalked my acceptance up to being drunk (uh yeah, that whole allergy thing prevents that), the email, that I would have kept quiet had he not insinuated I was drunk – where he said he knew I didn’t want to fight, but he’d let me take him out to dinner if I really wanted to do a reverse gender role thing with a guy – and the claim that he was offering to help me save face. Yeah, save face from what I don’t know. Now all the anti-woman fighter people are showing back up, claiming that I have something to prove (and him as well), despite the fact I’ve said I’ll have no problem saying I lost with a smile. Why do people assume that because a woman does something, it’s because there’s something to prove? Seriously? I played soccer on an all guy’s soccer team because I grew up in a farm town and they didn’t have a women’s league. I played collegiate hockey on a guy’s team, because there wasn’t a woman’s team. Had nothing to do with proving anything, had everything to do with want to play that sport. It’s about the same with fighting. There aren’t a lot of women’s fights, because there aren’t a lot of women, when we train, we train with guys because it’ll be rare to have another girl in the gym, and you can’t constantly train with the same person expecting to learn more than what that person is capable of. It’s funny, too, you can tell which women train only with women, when they fight, and which ones don’t.

At any rate, this guy expects to embarrass me, with what I don’t know. Regardless, I’ll walk away happy with new battle wounds, and a new experience. Guess that’s a little too deep to appreciate for some guys.


    1. Heh, it’s all about collecting experiences. Besides, learning my own weaknesses as a fighter, exposed by other fighters, will make me a better fighter. 😀


  1. i really don’t understand some people. it’s sparring, it’s not like it’s a duel to the death.

    i hope you enjoy it. it’d be nice if you get to laugh in his face, too…. 😉


  2. Men can be pigs, that tends to be one of their common qualities. “Don’t be silly damsel” After all we weren’t built to pass something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a lemon or anything….


  3. A true fighter has fight in his or her heart, not just to step into a ring or cage, but just to stand up and fight against adversity. To the fighter the joy is about going to battle…win or lose you have tested yourself, and faced fear in the face with a smile…that is more than most of the meek mortals who surf the net will ever understand.


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