So, why am I jumpy….

Things I have on slate:
Monday- Gym, take care of car tags, find buckles for my Mary Janes, get wardrobe pics for poisongirl, give myself a facial, host show chat

Tuesday- Meeting, Promo night/Maxim model call (if the guy gets back to me)

Wednesday- (Interviews?), Gym, or do anything I haven’t gotten around to yet, get new pads put on the heels of my bitch heels, see Neil Diamond live with WT

Thursday- house clearing ritual, Photoshoot with GothicBettie

Friday- me clearing ritual, Gym

Saturday- House chores

Sunday- House chores

Monday- Gym, Ritual

Tuesday- freak out, Promo night

Wednesday- freak out again, Gym, and get on plane to Vegas


    1. I know, but man, I’m running in every direction again. Even in seeing how much down time i’ll have this week, I’m still feeling rushed. But at least today’s stuff is mostly done.


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