Oh, I have to post this, as some of my milreaders will love it….

So, last night, driving up to the Neil Diamond concert, WT and I see the protesters that my Scotsman told us about. They had cardboard boxes lined up with internment flags on them. The two of us have decided, with the assistance of my Scotsman (who will inform us when they line up cardboard boxes again with internment flags), we are going to show up with our white gloves, our Marine clothing (not uniforms) on, and will perform a flag folding ceremony. When we hand each flag to the person “mourning” the death of a soldier, the words will be, “This is not a table cloth, please treat it with respect.” For you milboys, feel free to let me know if you’re in the area, and we’ll count you in. There were about 4 set-ups, so if we could all march up in formation and do it at the same time, it would be awesome.

P.S.- yes, I’m sad, I know how to properly perform a military flag folding ceremony, and I can even robot march to do it.


    1. Not off-hand. R says they’re usually there on Thursdays, but this time it was a Wednesday (probably because of the ND concert). Both WT and I hoped that they piped America out to them when he sang it.


  1. Actually, that’s a really good idea.

    The protestors are against the executive/administration, not against the field man/foot soldier/whomever, unless the protestors are idiots.

    By including them in the flag ceremony, you end up honouring the soldier exactly as he/she would want to be honoured.


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