Wow, um, just noticed I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days….oops.

Anyway, here’s the low down….

Boy toy (that’s the new name) still wants to fight. He’s lost on the concept of fighter respect, but hey, should be expected for someone who’s a dumbass in the realm of actually fighting.

Thursday, my Zoomie gets back and I head out to Vegas to meet up with my Bitch and terrorize the town (but I won’t get there till around 11PM – so Zoomie, you’d better email me!). Oh yeah, it’s my hatch day too.

Friday- scare people

Saturday- watch some kick ass guys kick some ass. Scare some more people

Sunday- sleep in, scare people and fly home.

that’s the weekend, so far. I miss my Zoomie, and my apologies to all I was supposed to see, and all the plans that were ditched. My Scotsman and I needed geek time, as my schedule is currently batty, so is his.

Now, off for ritual preparation….

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