Day: October 20, 2005

Scorpio for this week:
FreeWill Astrology

I used to have a Scorpio friend who liked to spout the ecstatic mystic poetry of Rumi. (Sometimes he added his own rapturous improvisations, and so I was never sure where Rumi left off and his words began.) Since you’re currently in a phase when the potential for euphoric release and delirious catharsis are high, I’ve selected five of these quotes that are in alignment with your astrological omens. (1) “Close your eyes and see with your other eyes.” (2) “If you want to be held, open up your arms.” (3) “Quit acting like wolves and let the shepherd’s love fill you.” (4) “We’re not here to seek approval but disgrace and celebration.” (5) “Let the beauty you love be what you do.”

Hehehehehe, granted, I love Rumi, but you will never catch me randomly spouting his poetry. I think the main thing is to manifest what I want/need by being open to it and exhibiting those qualities, vs sitting around and just expecting it to come. Granted, that’s how people should go about doing things, and bringing things into their lives, but some just don’t think about the fact that nothing really comes out of laziness. A quality I am well acquainted with. 😀