Just wanted to send a massive thanks out to all my netfriends and other oddities who’ve sent their energies to me this last weekend. I’m feeling much better today, in fact, I’m smiling more than anything and laughing pretty hard too. You guys are awesome, and you’re a good reminder for me, when I doubt myself. Even if it does require a steel-toed boot to my head.

For those of you who’ve been tapped as photoshoot bodyguards, if you are interested in Mixed Martial Arts fighting at all, please let me know, as I’m setting up my list of escorts to those. I’m even willing to shell out for the ticket and transportation to and from the event. I’ve got a few on the list as it is, but I want to make sure I can confirm attendence.



      1. Re: Thumbs Up

        Trying to combine Muay Thai and Capoeira together. I’ve thought about combinging my Judo and Capoeira together, but far too difficult. Judo makes for good backup though!

        But as for going to MMA tournies, don’t have the time. 😦


      2. Re: Thumbs Up

        There’s a couple of pro fighters that combine Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu together. Pretty awesome to watch both those guys fight.


      3. Re: Thumbs Up

        Val Tudo and Judo would go good together.

        Ever seen Dean Malinko when he would wrestle? He was putting together Judo,Karate and Brazilian Jutisu together on about every hold. I loved watching him put together a 9 piece hold.


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