Ok, wacky mood still on….this is good. Got the check-in from one of my boys in Iraq, still waiting on the other. *fingers crossed* So far, his name hasn’t come through the obits repots, so that’s good. Had a funny conversation with that boy yesterday (the one in Iraq that checked-in). He’s got too much energy running through him, seriously needs to get laid, but knows it’s not gonna happen. So he’s cracking me up with all the shit he’s laying on me, my gods it’s a riot. He kept apologizing for talking crude, and I’m sitting there telling him it’s cool, he’s not surprising me. Hell, I’d probably think something was wrong if he wasn’t! Anyway, he tells me this is why I’m cool, because we can sit and talk like that, and he can think of the things he wants to do to me. That fact that I’m good looking and can have serious conversations. Yeah, reinforcing the fact that I’d have made a great courtesan or something similar (no, I don’t equate modern call-girls in the same light). So we joke about that for a bit and I have to head out to run my days errands.

On to other stuff…
Drama is calming down, we’ll see how the rest of today goes. Have libidoergosum time scheduled in sometime this afternoon before the fight. Doing some more cleaning up around the house for weekend visitors. Gotta get my EFT (money order, not cool guy) out to get my edits for my portfolio then gotta write the bio (I hate that shit). Oh well, such is the life and it’s a requirement. I’ll come up with some lame crap to say about myself. 😀

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