Alright, my Keen sense is acting up again….

And I don’t know what’s triggering it. Usually I can pin-point a few things, but this time I’m getting absolutely nothing and it’s weirding me out. So, I’ve sent out a few check-in requests, those of you who read this can respond here. Those of you who are sensing this too, please let me know. I hate feeling like I really am the weird one.



    1. Re: keen sense?

      Right now, it’s just that sinking feeling that something is wrong. Almost like I’ve been punched in the stomach, right after a full meal. I’m thinking it has something to do with one of my friends, as I haven’t heard from this friend in a bit, but that isn’t usual. For some reason it’s come into focus about an hour ago and has me a bit worried.


  1. chiming in…

    i’ve been feeling this, too…just sent an em to the person i’m feeling uneasy about. it may be nothing…it may be something good. hope all is well…


    1. Re: chiming in…

      Yeah, that’s about how I’m feeling. Getting a little better. Took a nap, still waiting on the emails and im’s to filter back (my email is whacked right now). But I hate not knowing where something is coming from. Guess I’m somewhat of a control freak when it comes to myself. 🙂


      1. humm not a bad idea… but the onion is tasy too if its done right..
        err… although you make a strong point evertime i feel it…
        Hi I’m Will


      2. Hi Will, I’m Montine. 🙂

        oddly enough the only onion rings that don’t try to kill me in large quantities are the ones from Burger King, but I’m sure those aren’t even real onions.


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