I must have sand up my ass today, or something….

Baseball federation president Aldo Notari said: “The problem with baseball is that the best players are not going to the Olympics Games. (Whole story)

Ok, call me crazy, but the Olympics are pretty much about the amateur athletes. So why should there even be a comment about the best players not going to the Olympic games? Trying to come up with the same fiasco that Basketball and Hockey had when they decided to let professional athletes comprise the Olympic teams? Seriously, it’s one thing to have one or two pro athletes on a team, to head up the kids (like Czech and Russian hockey) but it’s another to put a bunch of American Queens on to a team so their egos can help them lose and throw temper tantrums that result in destroyed hotel rooms.


Oh yeah, off to my meeting with the CB, looks like DQB won’t make it. Any bets that DQB didn’t give CB my check for my due invoice????? Yeah, I know it’s a losing bet.

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  1. yeah really


    Don’t they get paid enough and have enough publicity already? I mean, sheesh! Professional sports are an honored tradition of teaching children about good role models and fair game and healthy competition…… (*coughs*) …. The idea of the Olympics was that the *best* compete for something special and prestigious that *anyone* essentially has a shot at….Not necessarily the most popular… They don’t need to hog everything… That is just lame… Professional sports are exactly that….. Now, I am not against an occasional professional who is truly gifted at what they do to represent the country, but whole teams? C’Mon! That is so pompous to say that every individual on the team would have been qualified to compete….. (sorry about the rant, but I love the Olympics…..OK, OK… The figure skating, gymnastics and soccer….) 😛


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