Looks like I’ve got my workout twin back. This should be awesome, and I know my abs are gonna kill me in the morning, but that’s fine. My body is further co-operating with me, and I’m quite happy. But still, it wants to flesh out like a guy’s and just get cut. 😦 My knees are holding up well, but I can hear the popping in my right knee, not sure what it is because I’m not feeling anything. Least I know it’s not a tendon or ligament. My hope is that it’s scar tissue breaking up and nothing serious. When doing the ab work, we were using light weights, and I noticed that I can’t extend my right arm all the way over my head, while trying to support the weight. Was feeling a nice pull in my posterior delt, very not good. I know which muscles are strained in there, so tomorrow I’m just going to have my therapist tear up my entire rotator cuff. Least as much as he possibly can while stripping my arms down to my wrists. So, I’m not expecting to be online too much in the next couple of days, because I might not be able to move my arms much. This is something that’s had to happen for a long time, but I was hoping to do this in small doses (scar tissue tearing is a very painful process). So, in the future, if you ever want to make me scream, shove a finger in my acromio-clavicular joint. Just fair warning, I’ll kick your ass when I’m done.


  1. My knees are destroyed from playing catcher for so many years, but one of the Marines gave me a great way to do leg lifts that has really helped…
    Have fun in the gym girl! 🙂



    1. Ouch! But yeah, I can feel ya with that. I do mainly inverts, because it allows me to support my knees more and let my hands keep my knees in alignment with my ankles and hips. I’ve got really messed up knees due to curved bones and whatnot. So the main goal with the leg workouts is to get the muscles, that should be used to support my entire leg, doing the work they should do and realigning my leg in the process. My hope is that the 17 years as a top level gymnast are at least slowed, in the process.


  2. both of you: OW. freakchylde, that sounds excruciating! speedy recovery vibes sent your way…

    now you’ve got me worried. lil bit’s been doing gymnastics for a little while, and her knee has been popping. but, you know, she’s four, so maybe i’m just a little paranoid. 😉


    1. Honestly, if I were to go back and do it again, I’d still train as hard as I did. One of my friends has a popping thing in her knee, and it’s something that happens at birth. I really don’t the knee problems have as much to do with gymnastics as they do with my skeletal issues. Yeah, it’s hard on the knees and joints, but they’re making great strides in relieving some of it, through spring mounted apparatus. As long as she’s enjoying it, I say let her keep at it. If she goes into competative gymnastics, get her working with a massage therapist (down the line when she’s in her teens) and make sure that she allows for enough healing time after injuring something (don’t let her coach tell you otherwise).

      Kid yoga might be an idea too, it’ll help build the muscles needed to keep her joints in alignment. That was my big thing, bad form. 🙂


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