Day: June 4, 2005

Ok, last night’s fight was just fucking awesome! Went from 9P to 1A and the last two guys were kinda funny to watch. One was really shy, so when they did the walk out for him, he’s all covered up and not strutting his stuff (really nice guy too). The other was acting like little Mr Surfer Dude, leaning back in his corner doing this air sex movement – really funny to watch – and giving a thumbs up to the ref while reclining back. Next thing we know, you’ve got the Shy guy in a submission hold and the Surfer guy doing some hip shimmy that had the whole crowd going WTF? But man, Shy guy’s take-down of Surfer dude was awesome. Had him in a Rear choke hold with one arm pinned under him and the other arm used as a lever against his throat. Had to tap out with his foot. Gods, it was awesome. *bouncebouncebounce*

Also must learn how to make filters in my protection barriers. Yes, I know that means things can get through, but damn it, making holes because I forgot to leave a firewall portal to my Zoomie was just stupid.