Today was good, granted I now have a really nasty sinus headache, but it was good. The whipping boy was unable to join me for my fun, and got stuck in class as I drove by on my way home, so no dinner. 😦 Anyway….

My assault on Deal’s Gap

Alix- you should recognize a few shots, as I took them just outside of Canton on 575N.


  1. That is quite an impressive crack in your windshield 🙂

    Love the pictures! Very beautiful! I especially like the one of the bridge through the trees and the very last one with the mist over the lake!


  2. aye, some of it looks like just about all of 575, huh? LOL well, color me dumbass, i have no IDEA where Deals Gap is (is it part of Six Gaps?). but i likes it. did you go MTBing up there? lots of luvly photoging to be done there. well done on the driving pics! half the time my standing still pics are blurry. YAY for shutter speed…

    i put some pics up at my place, too. many more, but i’m getting used to the new ‘puter and i’m slow. it’s a helluva jump from photoshop five to CS!


    1. Actually, Deal’s Gap is up in NC along the Tenn border. Drive up 575, cut W on 60, then North on 129. The Dragon (as it’s called) is over 300 turns (mostly hairpin) in 11.9 miles, or something like that. I’ll post a link at some point, because my map is still in my car.

      I can’t wait to see more of your pictures!!!


      1. oh man. i think i just got carsick! LOL
        about how long does it take from Canton? that looks like a great place to check out and bring my camera.
        glad you like the shots. there’s more back in the archives, if you haven’t seen ’em yet. i’ll be posting more soon.


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