‘Tis a sad day in my life, when I feel moved to send a letter to the ACLU, requesting them to stop representing me as an American. If they continue in their direction, I will never contribute to them again.


  1. I thought the same until I talked to Die Warzau………

    ACLU has to do these kind of things, not to knock on Christians or non-Christians like many Christians complain. Many complain for non-Christian rule in this country yet flail when the ACLU fights to do so. They are the one group who fights any group from any front, but ultimately they are more prone to a more pro-Christian front than anything, proclaiming how X-Mas (fuck I’m being politically correct for once) tree is somehow invading upon the rights of non-Christians.

    Like PETA and many groups before it (?), it’s worn out it’s use and wanting to find a way to finance its’ leaders’ living. Simple as that. Look no further than Rainbow PUSH for an example.


    1. My issue with them, right now, is that they have no discretion, and they are not defending American civil liberties. They act as if they are trying to foray into the Int’l ring, and that I don’t like. They are stoking the flames on a bonfire that is about to rage out of control and take out the forest. That, does not represent me, or anything I stand for, as an American. They’re not standing for the Constitution anymore, as much as they’re standing for their political clout. It’s like NOW, I’d rather support groups like the AAUW who aren’t into protesting the private sector and acting like women are superior (this is on the vocal national level, not the non-vocal local level). The same problem is happening within Planned Parenthood, the only difference with them, is that they are still sticking to their game plan.


      1. Hah, first and foremost, still surprised we talk after the 21 Circuitry argument. *wipes my head with a cold rag*

        Anywho, it seems more like they are acting as enforcer sometimes than a referee who calls the game. Fuck it I support my second ammendment, if the government goes to far, I have the right to shoot it in the head as best as I can. It’s far from that since things are somewhat organized, but if worse comes to worse………

        Fuck, seriously as corny as it seems I think Leatherstrip’s “Another Leader” is what we need………


      2. 21st Circuitry argument? I’m confused.

        As for them, they aren’t enforcers, they are the referee’s, their mode of getting enforcement is the US Justice system, which is fine and dandy, as the US public is the actual enforcer. However, when a group oversteps, what I see as its boundaries, and begin to overwhelmingly seek enforcement of options I disagree with, that group ceases to be representative of me and I let those running the group know that, along with the with-holding of monetary funds to them. I do the same thing with those who represent me and my fellow constituents.

        I will fight for the right of someone to voice their opinion, but don’t expect me to have much sympathy when they get a reaction contrary to what they expected. That reaction is the result of lacking over-sight. However, with the current decision by the ACLU, I believe the reaction that will come is the desired reaction. And that reaction is not one desired by me, they are too gung-ho and missing the forest to see the tree.


      3. OK, nevermind it. Long ago and you were fierce as a bobcat about it haha. :-p

        To me, when they have nothing better to do than try to ban Christmas trees, then they really have run out of purpose. Much as PETA and many other groups have. Now, if we had a Christian coup-de-ta like many of the Christian militant groups want, I could see a point. But they seem to be more like Big Brother than anything.

        I don’t keep much on politics, I try to see things from a philosophical viewpoint.


      4. Eh, I don’t hold differing opinions against anyone. Unless they’re based on complete and utter bullshit.

        And yes, I think the ACLU has over-stayed its purpose. But then again, I think they need to shut up about the Christmas trees. 😉


      5. Hahahahaha!!!!! But here’s an interesting twist, our government, ruled by the few or whatever your opinion, is ruled by the general populace through representative voting. If they disobey us, it too, is also still disobedience. 😉


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