As usual, I walked away from laundering the cats with at least one well placed scratch. Thankfully the other two are easy. Guess that’s what I get for trying to wash a feisty pussy.

In other news, I’ve accomplished most of the laundry and i cleaned/organized my pants drawer (underwear is next, and yes industrialreich, you may help me with that one). Is it pathetic that my drawer is now organized by BDU/Pants, and then by country of pattern origin? Oh well, least I can find everything, now to just get a better version of Marpat pants. The civie version was poorly constructed.


  1. Happy Dance!

    Are you for real, I would get to help you fold your sexys and put them away. Let me know when a good day would be for you and I will be so there. I also still need to see battlestar if you have it on Tivo. Give me a ring, I’m not doing much of anything.

    Hand washing is a specialty.


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