1. Well, one of the wonderful little things that they don’t tell you in there, is that people like me can’t wear certain pieces of jewelry deemed religious in nature in Germany (and Norway or Sweden, for that matter) because of bans on “Nazi” symbols. It goes further than the Nazi swastika. None the less, It would be stupid from a historic standpoint. Ban all memory of the world’s most memorable evil and wait for it to rise again.


    1. Yeah. It’s pathetic. I mean, I can see that some who lived then (one of my grove sisters grew up near a death camp during WWII), have a massive guilt complex over it and get nasty flashbacks. But seriously, you can’t prevent something if you choose to ignore it. Germany is already having that problem based on the fact that they don’t teach much about WWII, now anti-semitism is on the rise, and it’s not the result of a large Turkish population. It’s neo-nazi’s. Sad, sad decision.


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