So, hearing is all checked out, my left ear is still within normal ranges and my right ear is dealable. Hearing aids are good, they still work.

In other news, my goal of sleeping through the night was choked by a massive back spasm that sent me crawling on the floor to my parents room for the heating pad. I’ve been attached to it since last night. Anyway, the theory is that I have a UTI (which is why I haven’t gotten any sleep), and parents are worried that it’s traveled up to my kidney’s already. Yeah, TMI, but deal with it, don’t care.

On another tangent, I was watching Beyond the Da Vinci Code on the history channel. About half-way through, I call up my Scotsman because they had a snippet of Paul Mercer’s violin focus from one of The Changeling’s albums. Pretty cool, that’s two friends’ bands I’ve recognized on TV in the last 2 months.

And oh yeah, and my amusement for today. While it’s also MLK’s b-day, it’s also General Lee’s b-day as well, and we know that that means in Georgia…..Old Confederate flag flying day. How ironic is that?


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