Day: January 15, 2005

Ok, now that we’re back up and running. What has the freak been doing so far….

Well, yesterday, I learned how to Tango – ballroom dance style. My dad dragged me out of bed bright and early to his Sr. citizen’s dance class and his instructor decided I looked like a dancer, so on the floor I went. Dancing with her was great, because she knew what she was doing and could lead me with no problems. My dad, on the other hand, needs more practice, and he isn’t that great as a lead. Still, it was fun, with the exception of almost being swung across the floor because I was in socks. Then, off to another Sr. Citizen’s center for what my dad calls “pickin ‘n grinin”. It’s a bunch of people who get together with their guitars, mandolins, banjos and voices. They have folders with the lyrics, no music, and go from there. Pretty cool, and the guy leading them was a character. He’s hard of sighted and used to have a one man band, and boy can he play. Now, if any of you are wondering where I get my sense of humour, well, this groups was playing a song called “He drinks tequila”. For those that haven’t heard it, the chorus line is “He drinks tequila, and she talks dirty in Spanish. In pink pyjama’s and a sombero.” Funny song. They also sung “Elvira” with emphasis on the more racy of lines. That tired me out, so I skipped the 83rd b-day of one of their friends, which involved much dancing, singing and drinking. Instead I crashed out for a Prophecy Marathon, compliments of my mum and a B&N gift card.

Today was slow, lunch with my Brother, SIL, and kidlets. Got to meet my newest niece and play with my first niece. She definitely is a Weidenbach, I will say that. She’s got the smile down, with scrunched nose, the ability to dance and the cat personality. She’s also finally gotten used to the thing sticking out of my tongue, and doesn’t try to pull it out when I stick my tongue out at her.

Got all 3 of my grove papers written, just need a quick edit before print, ordered my new ritual robe, and slacked off. When I get home, I’m tempted to find out where that Tango group went from the Cafe, that was pretty fun, I’d just prefer to be around people my own age, where my mum won’t decide to brag about my dancing history to a bunch of strangers.

Oh yes, I’ve also been reminded of one of the reasons I moved out of here. Lack of privacy (both my gram and mum walk into my room at any given point) and constantly being talked about when we go places. Ya know, I’m happy that my parents are proud of their freakish daughter, but I’m a fairly private person, and if I’m going to be talked about in front of people, I want to be the one doing the talking. Oh yeah, and a very loud mum and granmum who wake me up at ungodly hours of the morning, talking in the kitchen.