So on the way to the bar tonight, I’m listening to Bush: Deconstructed and on comes the remix of Mouth. Talk about a flood of memories coming back. That song was the soundtrack to my first and only dished out lapdance, to a subject who’s shyness froze him in his chair, with the realization that EVERYONE in our section of the bar area, of a college club, was staring at him. Yeah, that was fun times. Especially with the girlfriend on the dance floor watching me and giving me an equally evil grin back. Man, if she could have easily gotten off the dance floor, I’m sure she would have joined me.

Fun, fun times.


  1. That remix is beyond awesome. That along with a Smashing Pumpkins song who’s title I can not currently recall brings up very similar memories from when I was still frequenting clubs.


    1. Yeah, i know which song you’re talking about. Can’t think of the title either. Track #7 off that album was also awesome, can’t think of the title either.


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